Feastly app,
Find your next dinner.

We created an app to help people decide what to eat in a fun and exciting way. So we created Feastly, tinder for food.


Built with Flutter.

To build feastly we used a wide variety of tools to make the app as fast and easy to handle as possible.

The idea of the app is to make the tedious task of deciding what to eat fun and gamify the whole process.

You simply open the app, choose if you want to swipe on Recipes or Restaurants and then connect with your friends to find the perfect dish or place to eat.

It does not matter if you just started or if you have a large company, we are here to help you.

Jelena Meacham

Besides companies, we also work a lot with different influencers in creating apps and websites for them.

One field that we are especially interested in is Fitness. We helped Swedish influencer Jelena Meacham with building both her website and her app.

At the start of 2021 her app was ranked no 1 on App Stores top grossing lists.

The first version of the app was built using React Native which is another cross platform framework that we are very used to work with.

Jelena Iphone

AVA stories

AVA stories was an audio book and podcast app that first started as a UI/UX project and later turned into a full development project.

The app is focused on womens well being and geared towards audio erotics which is a really fast growing area in the tech industry.

When building an app that constantly needs to be updated with new fresh content it is important that you build a system for the client that is easy to manage.

We used a really user friendly CMS that does not require the client to go into the code to update content within the app.

AVA Iphone

We are also proud to
have many
influencers and
celebrities as

Patrik Macbook
Patrik Iphone

Patrik Kittel

Patrik Kittel is one of the best horse riders in the world, when he came to us with the wish to create a luxurious website and app for his fans we were happy to help him.

We completely rebuilt his website from scratch creating a dashboard that made it easy and pain free to keep his website up to date.

We also created an App for Patrik so that his fans always can follow him when he is out on his competitions and shows.

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